Create HTML Tiles for Plone (Mosaic)

The new kid on the block for creating flexible layouts in Plone is It is available for Plone 5 as an addon and will be included in a future version of core Plone.

With the product site integrators can prepare layouts for editors to be filled with …

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Run Plone 5 with WSGI

Now Zope has documented support of WSGI deployment, Plone can have it too. To make it happen we can use a minimal buildout with some minor adjustments:

parts = instance
extends =

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
http-address =
eggs =

recipe …
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Porting tests to for Plone 5

A major version of a piece of software always means to leave behind some burdon. Plone ships with two testing framworks since Plone 4. Now it is time to get rid of one of them: PloneTestCase. With the newer framework it is possible to specify layers to …

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